Because people know a propaganda campaign when they see one.

Let’s examine the meaning behind Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’sGreen New Dealposters. The freshman congresswoman announced the outreach campaign on August 30, 2019.

“Surprise! I am thrilled to announce the launch of our #GreenNewDeal art series with custom Bronx & Queens GND posters. The Bronx edition poster will be given for free as a limited release to the public at our Pelham Bay Nature Day & Backpack Giveaway in the Bronx tomorrow.”

She went on to say that the purpose of the posters is to “push us to imagine our future with a Green New Deal…”

  • A large, genderless winged creature inhabits one poster and a globe with rings around it fills up the other.
  • In the globe poster, there are identical-looking people in helmets, maybe bikers or perhaps law enforcement.
  • The logo includes a globe icon with the letters GND in the middle.

The first reaction from the public was largely negative, because people know a propaganda campaign when they see one. They immediately associated the campaign art with Soviet propaganda.

Here is a sample sarcastic response: “Well done Comrade! Btw, let’s pretend those are Electric Vehicles on this poster… lol.”

But if you do a search for “Soviet propaganda,” the look of AOC’s posters don’t quite match. For example, heres one article with a few images. If you look closely, the Soviet palette is different: red and black are dominate colors which appear dramatic; evoking rage and violence.

The media quickly rose up to defend AOC. “The chunky all-caps type, the emphasis on places of natural beauty, and even the color palettes are intended to evoke… the Federal Art Project, an office of the New Deal-era Works Progress Administration.”

See a sample of the American “New Deal” posters.

The (UK) Daily Mail accused anyone who attacked the posters of being a “troll” (rather than a critic); there was no acknowledgment of the discomfort people might be feeling. But even when examining the posters and the logo without emotion, one thing that becomes quite noticeable is the resemblance between the depiction of the GND globe and the symbol of the United Nations.

This matters politically because:

  • Fellow “squad” member, Rep. Ilhan Omar, has called for the United Nations to take over U.S. border enforcement efforts.
  • One-world government is the goal of the United Nations, as per the Kigali Principles for Peacekeeping.
  • The United Nations has seized upon “climate change” as the excuse to implement one-world government as well.

As Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show has explained for years, “peacekeeping” by the United Nations is another way of saying invasion, overthrow, martial law, and the end of the United States. For the sake of space, let’s cut to Hodges’ main argument followed by the 17 principles. (Note: Original link here. Page has been deleted.)

“They are here to take your guns, and usher dissidents into FEMA camps for final distribution.” [See I, Pet Goat II —DB]

“I have repeatedly reported on the Kigali Principles which Obama signed before leaving office. Despite the fact that the documents are public, it has also been reported on in the mainstream media. America, it is a mistake to ignore these principles because the form the root of our future extermination and extinction as a nation.”

Indeed, Obama did sign this document. Recall the headline from May 11, 2016: US approves UN use of force to protect civilians in conflict. From that article:

“U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power made the announcement at a high-level U.N. meeting focusing on the responsibility to protect civilians facing violence, saying the US was ‘proud’ and ‘humbled’ to be joining 28 other countries that have signed on to the Kigali Principles.

“’People and communities under threat, with nowhere to go, need to know the U.N. will do anything within its scope to provide protection,’ Netherlands Foreign Minister Bert Koenders told the meeting.”

This is, of course, a perfect pretext for legalizing illegal immigration. And this is precisely what Obama had planned, per Hodges (all quoted):

  1. Mass roundup of political dissidents. These will most likely be declared as terrorists and enemies of the state and will be linked to the precipitating false flag event. This will be the unfolding of Red and Blue Lists as spoken of by Steve Quayle for the last couple of decades. The NDAA will provide the pseudo legal authority to snatch key Americans out of their homes and off of the street.
  2. Dusk to dawn curfews which are designed to keep the people from congregating and planning in concert to overthrow the omnipresent tyranny.
  3. Rationing of essential resources as specified in Executive Order (EO) 13603.
  4. The seizing of personal assets such as food and water as specified in EO 13603.
  5. Control over all food and water as specified in EO 13603.
  6. The prohibition of weapons of any kind including guns, knives or chemicals which can be turned into explosives. It will become a capital crime to possess a weapon of any type.
  7. The confiscation of property, homes and businesses as provided for in FM 39.4 and EO 13603.
  8. Arrests without due process (NDAA).
  9. Massive “papers please” checkpoints with intrusive searches.
  10. Forced relocation of suspected American dissidents as specified by the Civilian Inmate Labor Program and the Civilian Conscription Program, under the Secretary of Labor, in EO 13603. This will mark the introduction of slave labor in American in which the conscripts are called (unpaid) consultants.
  11. Forced conscription into various labor camps and even into the military (EO 13603). Also medical martial law policies could be invoked in the advent of the introduction of a pathogen.
  12. Outlawing of free speech. Following recent terror attacks, AG Loretta Lynch promised federal crackdowns on those speaking out against Muslim extremism in any form.
  13. The installation of massive surveillance programs and the establishment of snitch programs which would mark the rebirth of former Secretary of DHS, Janet Napolitano, in which neighbors are encouraged to “say something, if these see something”. The NSA police state surveillance programs speak for themselves. It is highly recommended that every American go see the Oliver Stone movie, Snowden.
  14. The total control or elimination of religion. The Bible is already being characterized as hate speech. Today, one who is Christian is cast as anti-gay/transgender, anti-government, etc.
  15. Control of the media. Except for the total eradication of the alternative media, this has already happened. ICANN will finish the job.
  16. Executions without due process of law (NDAA).
  17. Total suspension of the Constitution as this is essentially complete in light of actions such as EO 13603 and the NDAA.

Remember that Admiral Rogers was fired by Obama for warning President Trump about how the NSA was being used to spy on him. Do you see how there are all these “poison pills” that have to be removed and revoked so we can continue to function as a Nation? And how they are doing a very poor job trying to sell us on the poison?

Of course, sustainable living is a good thing. The idea has sparked the engagement and imagination of the public. But the art provided to us by AOC is not genuinely representative of that engagement, because the Green New Deal is not about what it claims to be.

Here’s some examples of art produced by people without an agenda.

Keep in mind that AOC’s ad work here is political; it was produced by the same agency that created the art for the “Justice Democrats,” as well as Planned Parenthood. Yet this is an ad agency. So who is the real mastermind here? Where did they get that weird-looking art from?

Here is one hypothesis: From a document that describes the overthrow and consequent collapse of the United States of America. It was purportedly published by George Soros’ Open Society Institute and is called The Last Election. (Of course, as a leaked document, it may be fake.)

Some things are noteworthy here:

  • The genderless winged figure in front of the Soros White House is reminiscent of the genderless winged AOC Statue of Liberty.
  • The globe on the Green New Deal posters resembles the UN logo as well as the leaked “plan.”

Compare the images of men in helmets from the plan (projected chaos) to the images of people in helmets on a supposedly environmental and happy poster. Helmets are not happy symbols.

“Please stand by,” says the plan. “We are experiencing collapse of the social order.” It shows this graphic.

Remember: George Soros is a madman. He lived through the collapse of the social order (Holocaust) and has spent his life crashing countries and currencies. If you go to Ella Cruz’ website, and download the PDF, you will see that the text of this “plan” very closely matches the 17 principles that Hodges talked about.

Therefore, this seemingly innocuous campaign is a stark reminder: The danger we face is very real and present. We should not take our enemies lightly. Corrupt parties, as always, sit in leading positions in politics, media and entertainment.

But, fortunately, they are always restrained by demands that they show obeisance to the devil.

And as such, we can rely on them to be extremely consistent — and obvious — if we only know how to look.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the authors own. Public domain.