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A Powerful Memoir by Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal
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From the Introduction

Whether thinking out loud on Twitter, Medium, or my own blogs, my goal is always the same: to provide the public with my insights into the people and accusations at the center of the dramas that not only face the country, but also shape the decisions made by its leaders and citizens.

Taken together over the course of several years, my thoughts shed light on the way in which ordinary people have been bombarded by headline after headline after headline, making it impossible to stop and reflect as to what is truly happening or even whether the “official story” even has any merit.

This book consists of my posts dated from late 2017 through late 2018, many from my blog and others from Twitter threads. (They’ve been edited and adapted for readability as a book, and in some cases updated.) You can see the wide range of topics that millions of non-experts, including me, have struggled to understand, including the “Q” phenomenon, false flags, “psyops,” child sex trafficking, and so much more.

If you’ve closely followed the first term of the Trump presidency—or if you are just beginning to ask yourself about things that just don’t seem to make sense—reading this book is kind of like taking a roller-coaster ride with a blindfold on. The meaning of what we are experiencing today will only be understood in retrospect.

I recommend this book! I couldn’t put it down. Great insights and hits so close to home. Check it out!!

Tracy Swanson

Very informative and interesting.
Alexander Stroli

A clear and engaging account of someone who woke up and “walked away” from political quagmire with eyes opened.
Janice Fletcher

Table of Contents


I. From Calm to Storm

Breaking Point
Something’s Coming
The Disappearing Middle Ground
Messages at a Funeral
Mental Pollution
Today I Saw the Bomb Squad
Machines Taking Over
Government Gone Mad
How Bad People Rise to the Top
Law Enforcement and the Crisis of Public Confidence
Why Trump Couldn’t Get His People In
Attack on a Cabinet Secretary

II. Save the Children

An Industry of Evil
12 Questions for Hillary Clinton about Pizzagate
Girls in Cages
Human Trafficking as a Marketing Enterprise
What Ritual Abuse Survivors Have in Common

Bright Lights, Big Secret
Child Sex Trafficking: “It’s How Things Are Done in Hollywood”
Hollywood Has a Human Trafficking Problem
Heather O’Rourke: What Happened?
Hiding in Plain Sight
Harvey Weinstein’s Non-Apology Apology
Seeing the Real Message
On Watching Trafficked
Profiles in Courage
Sarah Ruth Ashcraft
Tracy Jo Remington
Roseanne Barr

III. Distraction

Manufactured Narratives
Just Call Me a Conspiracy Theorist
Shooting Through a Locked Closet
The Campaign to Crush Kavanaugh
Exploiting Tragedy
Politicizing Parkland
The Jacksonville Shooter
Jamal Khashoggi, Spy of the Year
Silence, Denial, Distortion
Let’s Talk about “Spirit Cooking”
Guests at a 2007 NXIVM “Mixer”
About That Hawaii Ballistic Missile “Exercise”

IV. Waking Up

I Can’t Ignore It Anymore
Living in the Branded Narrative
Sharing My Suspicions
A Personal Report from the Pizzagate March
Who Are These People, Anyway?
A Journalist Willing to Ask the “Crazy” Questions
Dear G-d, Please Stop Hillary Clinton
Who Is George Soros? Judge for Yourself
Their Need for Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall
Fake News, Fake Narratives
Whose Homophobia?
Bald-Faced Lies
Propaganda and “Puffery”
What the Government Owes Us
QAnon and the $1.5 Billion Gap in Federal Communication
How Comedy Central Portrays QAnon
President Trump and QAnon
QAnon and the Sociology of Knowledge

V. Time Capsule

Memorable Quotes
Attacks on President Trump
Celebrity Hate
Hillary Clinton
Trump Presidency
Turning Point
Truth: QAnon
Unforgettable Images

VI. Epilogue

Where Do We Go from Here?

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Surviving 2020

Life Within A Psyop
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Book Excerpts

The Disappearing Middle Ground

The Disappearing Middle Ground

So I’m in the coffee shop as usual getting my coffee and it is warm-ish and I’m annoyed. The coffee shop is nearby the White House and two men in business suits are sitting and talking to each other. Each one has their own table and they’re talking across the tables, so loud.

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The Campaign to Crush Kavanaugh

The Campaign to Crush Kavanaugh

This is about the tragic abandonment of due process in an extraordinarily politicized national climate, one which led to a torrent of accusations and counter-accusations that quickly went over the top.

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